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Manufacturing Group Awaits President Trump’s Policy on Putting American Jobs First

Jan. 20, 2017
"It will take a concerted effort on trade, tax, workforce, and infrastructure policy to create the economic and industrial renaissance the president is proposing," said Alliance for American Manufacturing President Scott Paul. 

In President Donald Trump’s inaugural address he pledged to bring back jobs and alter trade policy.  The President committed to invest in infrastructure, look at trade deals, and stop offshoring jobs as part of his promise to “Buy American and hire American."

Reacting to the speech, Alliance for American Manufacturing (AAM) President Scott Paul issued the following statement:

“President Trump’s inaugural address stuck close to the central theme of his campaign: Put America first. He vowed to return lost jobs, rebuild our domestic infrastructure with American-made goods and labor, and refurbish our atrophying defense industrial base. 

"He’ll be building on what came before. His promise to 'Buy American and hire American' is very similar to the Buy America preferences that former President Obama saw embedded in the 2009 Recovery Act. I hope he learns from it and strengthens this principle.

"He’ll also have to prove to be a dynamic thinker, because the offshored jobs President Trump has promised to return will not look like those that left. Manufacturing industries change rapidly, and so do the skill sets they require of workers upon entry. His administration must lead the way in preparing our workforce for this changing economy, so they can participate and reap its benefits too. 

"Ultimately, the proof will be in the policy. It will take a concerted effort on trade, tax, workforce, and infrastructure policy to create the economic and industrial renaissance the president is proposing. 

"It’s a big task, but an achievable one. We look forward to working with President Trump and Congress in this undertaking."

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