The Lean Supply Chain


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Continuous Improvement

Mass Customization…A Lean and Agile Supply Chain Required

Aug. 29, 2014
When we think of becoming Lean, in many ways, the ultimate process strategy to accomplish this is what is known as “Mass Customization”. This refers to production in batch sizes...
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Continuous Improvement

The Customer Is Always Right (but maybe not so efficient)

Aug. 4, 2014
A recent visit to several auto repair shops for an estimate reminded me as to how important good customer service is for both the customer and the business.In one case, it was...
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Continuous Improvement

Plan and Deliver

July 2, 2014
Having had many years of experience in forecasting for companies such as Unilever and Arm & Hammer as well as consulting and training with many more organizations, I have come...
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Corporate Culture

Lean Retail: It's not Just for the Big Boys Anymore

June 3, 2014
While this might seem like a shameless plug for my new book from McGraw-Hill entitled “Lean Retail and Wholesale” (…and it is!), I truly believe that the time has come for all...
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Continuous Improvement

You Have to Define it Before You Can Refine it.

May 1, 2014
I talk a lot about the “Lean” Supply Chain in this blog, but I think it would go a long way to first get a universal definition and understanding of what it’s all about to really...
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Systems Integration

Ho, Ho, Horribly Inefficient

Dec. 20, 2013
Using technology to improve and not just enable a process....
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Continuous Improvement

Lean Supply Chain Strategies -- The Case for Outsourcing with Third (and Fourth) Party Logistics Providers

Dec. 13, 2013
Logistics is often a candidate for outsourcing in a company as it may not be one of its “core competencies”. In many cases, a third party logistics provider or 3PL is used.
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Continuous Improvement

Paying it Backward

Nov. 18, 2013
As we know, the concept of Lean is pretty pervasive these days in manufacturing...if it’s not part of a company’s culture, it’s at least part of the conversation. In fact, according...
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Continuous Improvement

Order to Cash Cycle -- Show Me the Money!

Oct. 17, 2013
Those who aren't looking at their entire Order-To-Cash cycle from a Lean perspective are "missing the boat"!