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Apple Inc.
Apple launched the iPhone 13 Pro in late 2021.

2022 IW 50 Best US Manufacturers: Take a Bow, Apple

July 18, 2022
Once again, the iPhone maker earns the No. 1 position on IW’s exclusive ranking of top manufacturing companies.
IW 50 logo used in 2019
The IndustryWeek 50 Best US Manufacturers

From Nowhere to No. 1: Align Technology Grabs Top Spot in IW 50 Best

Aug. 27, 2019
Significant shifts among IndustryWeek's annual listing of the best U.S. manufacturers show that reaching the heights is only half the battle.
IW 50 logo used in 2019
The IndustryWeek 50 Best US Manufacturers

The 2019 IndustryWeek 50 Best US Manufacturers

Aug. 20, 2019
IndustryWeek's exclusive ranking of America's best-performing public manufacturing companies.
Lancaster Colony at the Nasdaq

Forget the Best, Lancaster Colony Aims to Be Better

Jan. 8, 2019
This Ohio-based food manufacturer's continuous improvement mindset makes its path to success clear: "Even if you do your best, you can do better."
The Clorox Company
Technology and IIoT

Centenarian Clorox Stays Fresh Through Constant Change & Engagement

Nov. 15, 2018
The Clorox Company held the eight spot on the IW 50 Best for the second straight year with a solid strategy of employee engagement and continuous improvement.


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IW eBook on Operational Excellence

Aug. 5, 2020
We have wrapped up some of our most potent and insightful CI pieces for you here.

Reaching the Top Quartile

Oct. 23, 2018
Manufacturers today are working in a pivotal time. The challenges arising from rapid technological innovation and a dynamic business environment grow larger every day. Read this...

Sherwin-Williams Time-Tested Success Isn't Splashy, But Won't Fade

Oct. 17, 2018
The 152-year-old company known for making the world more colorful is built on layer upon layer of disciplined devotion to continuous improvement.

Additive Manufacturing Tackles Traditional Industry Problems with New Technologies

Oct. 16, 2018
Instead, innovation has been hamstrung by the age-old question: How can we make this concept come to life? Traditional manufacturing processes and speed to market are considerations...
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The IndustryWeek 50 Best US Manufacturers

Where the IW 50 Best Call Home

Oct. 10, 2018
Use our interactive map to locate the headquarters of the 2018 IndustryWeek 50 Best US Manufacturers.