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Copilots Jim Lovell and Buzz Aldrin celebrate after the Gemini XII splashdown on November 15 1966

Marking the 50th Anniversary of the Gemini XII Mission

Nov. 15, 2016
Today, November 15, marks the 50th anniversary of the Gemini XII landing. Gemini XII was the final mission of the Gemini Project, which began in 1961 after the conclusion of the...

How 3D Printing Is Changing Auto Manufacturing

Nov. 14, 2016
The movie Back to the Future showed us cars hovering in air in an idea of what 2015 would look like. Now in 2016, we see our cars still bound to the earth. However, when the movie...
IoT Emerge

Inaugural IoT Event 'Emerges' a Winner

Nov. 4, 2016
IoT Emerge is being held in Chicago, which is quickly becoming a center of the IoT space. In addition to two days of keynote speakers like Pablos Holman, creator of the Intellectual...
Education / Training

Science and Art, Two Worlds Apart

Oct. 31, 2016
Even if you look at our bloated, broken education system for younger Americans (high school and lower), it seems that, while we are spending more money, we are cutting programs...
The 2015 FIRST Stronghold field was designed around elements of medieval battles
Education / Training

Changing Lives, One Robot at a Time

Oct. 25, 2016
The high-school robotics team had been working long nights to perfect a mechanism to launch a Frisbee through a target with frustrating results.
The Scan O Vision MYRIA cameras from Omega are used to capture track athletes as they cross the finish line ensuring accuracy in determining who finished first
Technology and IIoT

How the Internet of Things Changed the Olympics

Sept. 1, 2016
The 2016 Summer Olympics recently concluded and, speaking for myself, I’m still in awe.

Ford Promises Fully Automated Vehicles by 2021

Aug. 19, 2016
In 1913, Ford implemented the first moving assembly line for automobiles, building its Model T automobile in a little over two and a half hours.
The Bloodhound SSC is expected to reach 14 Mach speed covering a mile in just 36 secondsCourtesy of the Bloodhound Project
Education / Training

Supersonic Car Sets Sights on Land-Speed Record

July 27, 2016
In addition to the prospects of breaking records, the Bloodhound project inspires STEM education about supersonic and F1 vehicles.
Education / Training

Time to Update Engineering Colleges

July 25, 2016
There’s already almost too much 'essential engineering knowledge these days to expect graduates coming out of traditional discipline tracks (EE, Mech E, Materials, even Civil ...