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Supplier Pricing Negotiations: Approaching Options and Risk with Eyes Wide Open Globally

June 15, 2023
Asian supplier economics have changed radically with geopolitical tensions rising and market conditions shifting.
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Making Sense of Allocated Overhead Costs

March 10, 2023
Manufacturing executives have more control over these operations expenses than they might realize.
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Hidden Profits
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A CEO Follows the Product, Turning up a Slew of Hidden Profit

March 5, 2023
The product changed hands, and was resold at a higher price each time, six times from factory to end-user.
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Manufacturers Prepare for Risks in Foreign Currency Markets

Dec. 20, 2022
A look at the significant challenges that lie ahead for US firms with suppliers and customers abroad.
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Green Energy
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6 New Climate Tax Credits that Benefit Manufacturers

Oct. 13, 2022
The Inflation Reduction Act brings new savings for energy-efficient investments.


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eBook: Generation Now Leadership

Aug. 28, 2023
Manufacturing's young talent steps forward in this talent management guide from IndustryWeek.
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Higher Prices Lift ArcelorMittal in First Quarter

May 5, 2022
After suspending its Ukraine business at the outbreak of war, the world's second-largest steelmakers says it has restarted one of three Ukrainian blast furnaces.
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Are You Shorting Yourself on EBITDA?

April 28, 2022
Many manufacturers seriously undervalue the cost of their products.
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Microplastics Are in the News, and Manufacturers Are Seeing Lawsuits

Jan. 20, 2022
Cases filed under federal environmental law, state consumer protection laws, as well as the common law are having real impacts on industries that produce and use plastics.
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Change Management

Employee Ownership Through the Lens of Two Glass Manufacturers

Dec. 28, 2021
A large manufacturer of optical components and a small scientific glass company take different paths to the same conclusion: handing the reins to their employees over time.