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From a National Supply Chain Dashboard to the Power of Peer Groups: IW's Weekly Reads

Dec. 3, 2021
Here are the most-read articles by the IndustryWeek manufacturing community over the past seven days.

As always, IndustryWeek's manufacturing community was consuming a wide range of content on over the past week. Topics ranged from bribes and cybersecurity to the continuing challenges faced by suppliers and OEMs. 

And a reminder, once you finish catching up with these informative articles, review the host of other content designed to help you do your job better. 

  • Did COVID Really Change Anything on the Factory Floor? Read now.
  • Bribes, and the Buyers Who Love Them Read now.
  • Battery-Production Startup Begins Work on First Anode-Material Plant Read now.
  • A National Supply Chain Dashboard Could Prevent Bottlenecks—but It’s Not There Yet Read now.
  • Where Manufacturing’s Been—and Where It’s Going Read now.
  • Humbled by 2021, Auto OEMs, Suppliers Gird for Next Year's Challenges Read now.
  • The Power of Peer Groups Read now.
  • Supply Chain Woes Dominate Earnings Season Read now.
  • Four Tactics for Leading Through Change and Uncertainty Read now.
  • Cybersecurity Risk Lurks in a Common Industrial Operating System Read now.

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