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Protests, Peloton and Production Predictions: IndustryWeek's Weekly Reads

Feb. 11, 2022
Review the most-read content on IndustryWeek.com over the past seven days.

Manufacturing is never dull, and the past week provides ample evidence of that fact. Exercise equipment maker Peloton announced changes at the top and among its workforce, while a trucker dispute at the Canadian border is disrupting auto production in the U.S. Meanwhile Toyota and Ford provided some promising updates during quarterly earnings calls.

These topics proved compelling for our IndustryWeek manufacturing community, as evidenced by our most-read content over the past seven days. That full list of top content is provided below, as is one editor's choice selection.  

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Peloton Changes CEO, Cancels Plans for Ohio Plant: The exercise-bike company killed plans to build a 2,000-worker factory in Northwest Ohio.

Supplier Goodwill toward OEMs Has Run Dry: Years of being treated as the OEMs' personal slush fund has drained their trust.

House of Representatives Passes Chips Funding Bill: The bill's Senate sponsors urged Congressional negotiators to send a bill to the president's desk quickly.

Come for the Pay and Benefits. Stay for the Company Culture: Flexible scheduling, educational opportunities and even small gestures can improve morale.

So That Happened: Not the Rust Belt and Bye Bye Peloton: IndustryWeek editors offer our takes on things that caught our attention.

It May Be Time to Reconsider that Noncompete Agreement: Federal regulators are cracking down on hiring practices that restrict employees’ wages and ability to work for competitors. Here’s what to know.

Union Vote at GM Mexico Plant Hailed as 'Win' for Workers: The vote secured the support of 4,192 of the roughly 6,200 workers entitled to participate.

Toyota Overcomes Chip Shortage to Beat Q3 Net Profit Forecast: A weaker yen, "supply chain efforts," marketing initiatives and the appeal of its new products contributed to the profit increase, said Toyota.

Trucker Protests Disrupt Car Plants in US, Canada: Ford, Toyota and Stellantis all shared that the border blockades are leading them to cut production at area plants.

Ford Forecasts ’22 Production Will Rise 10%+: The automaker’s executives see supply chain easing as the year progresses and discuss the growing profit potential of EVs.

Editor's Choice: 

It’s Time to Re-Evaluate Manufacturing Culture: Deeply ingrained ways of doing things that have worked in the past can be one of the biggest hurdles to staying competitive in this industry.

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