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Automotive's Sour Situation, the Myth of Free Trade and Ditching ERP: IndustryWeek's Weekly Reads

Feb. 10, 2023
Also, what to look for in your future leaders.

As the week concludes, we share with you the top read content on IndustryWeek.com over the past seven days. It was a mixed bunch of topics, from unemployment in manufacturing to Cummins' view into China demand recovery, as well how to do a digital transformation on a budget. Please take this opportunity to catch up with our weekly reads.  

The US Auto Industry Doesn’t Have a Supply Problem. It Has a Demand Problem: CEOs are still lamenting supply constraints, but the fact is, the market’s fundamental economics have turned very sour.

5 Things to Look for in Your Future Leaders: Bosses tend to be more about the power of their position, while a good leader looks at the influence of their position.

Why Are We Still Following the Myth of Free Trade? Benefits flow to capital and the costs to labor. For working Americans, it has become a race to the bottom.

Manufacturing Firms Net 19,000 New Hires as Unemployment Falls to Half-Century Low: Nondurable goods manufacturing takes the lead in net new hires and significantly increasing wages.

Cummins Leaders: No Good View into China Demand Recovery: Excluding its acquired Meritor business, Q4 sales rose 13% from late 2021.

Medical Device Manufacturer Ditches ERP System for Statistical Process Control Software: A medical device manufacturer ditched a clunky ERP module for quality inspection, opting instead for specialized statistical process control software.

What’s Ahead for Digitalization in 2023? Supply chain, sustainability and workforce challenges present uncertainty and opportunity

Digital Transformation on a Small-Business Budget: It Can Be Done: For small to medium-sized manufacturers, the beauty of these technologies is that they can build on each other, one investment leading into the next.

Moonshot Manufacturing, Leaning into Lithium and Criminal Crackdown: IndustryWeek's Weekly Reads: Also learn how manufacturing is saving women's lives in Nashville.

Manufacturing Saves Women’s Lives in Nashville: At Thistle Farms, manufacturing products allows women from difficult circumstances to reclaim their lives.

Editor's Choice: From the IndustryWeek archives

100 Years and Growing: Manufacturers Meet the Challenge of Business Longevity: This slideshow highlights manufacturing companies that have a history that spans at least 100 years.

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