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Pursuing innovation beyond everything else ultimately makes us poorer, less safe and—ironically—less innovative.
Corporate Culture

Maintenance, Not Innovation, Is Most Important

Oct. 4, 2021
What if all this emphasis on 'moving fast and breaking things' in fact hurts the long-term viability of many companies?
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Machine Learning
Technology and IIoT

How Machine Learning Can Reshape Legacy Processes

April 26, 2021
Four approaches to industrial transformation, from operational efficiency to quality control
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Technology and IIoT

Why Make Maintenance Harder Than It Already Is?

March 18, 2021
Offering helps equipment manufacturers streamline the documentation process, eliminating common service delays.
Plant Optimization at Goodyear Has Employees Fired Up

Plant Optimization at Goodyear Has Employees Fired Up

Jan. 5, 2021
A tenured employee told Bruce Beach, vice president at Goodyear, that Plant Optimization is “the best thing I have seen in 30 years.”
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Machine Vision For Parts
Emerging Technologies

Machine Learning for Machine Parts

Nov. 13, 2020
A computer-vision team is applying visual search to recognize mechanical components.



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Low Hanging Fruit
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Aluminum Waste
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I Io T
Technology and IIoT

From Daimler to a Small Italian Supplier, 3 Enlightened Digital Moves

Feb. 6, 2020
Automakers’ approaches to adopting new technologies, and updating systems they already have.
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Without Standards, Your CMMS Will Be All Kinds of Crazy

Nov. 25, 2019
A step-by-step guide to developing SOPs for a maintenance software system.
U.S. Navy
Aircraft carrier USS Gerald R. Ford

Huntington Ingalls, GE Feud Over Who Pays for Fixes to Troubled $13 Billion Warship

Sept. 5, 2019
The propulsion problem, which forced the USS Gerald R. Ford back to port during sea trials in January 2018, is just one of many issues the next-generation warship has faced.
Industryweek 5492 Airbus Urges Berlin Unfreeze 830 Million Loan Payment

Boeing 737 Max Loses First Customer as Flyadeal Picks Airbus

July 8, 2019
Flyadeal will operate an entirely Airbus SE fleet.