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NAM Partners to Create Manufacturing Skills Curriculum

Alliance with the University of Phoenix aimed at bridging the manufacturing talent gap

Progress toward a manufacturing certification program gained strength after the National Association of Manufacturers and the University of Phoenix said March 17 they have partnered to develop curriculum aimed at developing manufacturing skills.

The program will be designed to align with the NAM-endorsed Manufacturing Skills Certification System.

The University of Phoenix will offer programs that enable manufacturing workers to advance in their careers while acquiring the skills and competencies required for certification, which was developed by NAM's education and research arm The Manufacturing Institute.

"This unique alliance will provide an education with real-world relevancy that meets the needs for high-tech manufacturing - graduates will gain the knowledge and skills most needed in the manufacturing industry, both today and tomorrow," said Brian Lindquist, dean of the University of Phoenix School of Business.

In 2009, nearly 12 million Americans worked directly in manufacturing -- about 10% of the overall workforce. More than 80% of U.S. manufacturers reported that the shortage of qualified workers continued to affect their ability to meet customer.

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