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Tales of a Long-Distance EV Road Trip, Cybersecurity Fears Spike: IndustryWeek's Weekly Reads

July 5, 2024
Also, VW's $5 billion investment and why sustainability isn't hard.

Let's start off by saying that this article's headline is not quite accurate. This July 5 edition of IndustryWeek's Weekly Reads should more accurately be labeled IndustryWeek's Biweekly Reads. We didn't publish last Friday, so this week's effort shows the most popular content over the past 14 days rather than the last seven. 

With that preface, articles focused on cybersecurity and the electric vehicle market captured the most attention over the past two weeks, augmented by Hanwha's acquisition of the Philly Shipyard and a Q&A around the topic of sustainability. The complete Top 10 (with one Editor's Choice selection) are as follows: 

Major Cybersecurity Breach Affects Auto Manufacturers: Car sales slow and cybercriminals may extort ransomware payment.

Fire Up Our July 4th Manufacturing Quiz: Picnics, sketchy backyard fireworks shows and five manufacturing trivia questions adjacent to the holiday. What a way to celebrate our Independence!

Hanwha Announces Acquisition of Philly Shipyard: Philly Shipyard supplies about 50% of the largest commercial ships in the U.S.

VW to Invest $5 Billion in EV Maker Rivian, Establishing Joint Venture: The venture will allow VW to employ Rivian's existing electrical architecture and software plan, accelerating the German company's efforts on software-defined vehicles.

Why Automotive Manufacturing Fears Cybercrime: Increased connectivity and accountability make cybersecurity concerns spike for automotive manufacturers.

Driving EVs Long Distances: Difficult yet Doable: It’s getting easier to drive across the country with electric cars, but it’s not easy or cheap.

Sustainability Isn’t Hard: You’re Already Doing It: Reframe your ESG policy as serving profitability.

Charging is Carving the Path to EV Adoption: A new study suggests the closer you live to EV chargers, the more likely you are to buy an EV.

Quality Failed Boeing, Not the Other Way Around. Here's Why: Boeing has a deeper problem than reduced inspections: It lacks a risk-management culture.

So That Happened: Relief at the Panama Canal? and Explosive Book Recordings: IndustryWeek editors cover those stories and rising optimism from manufacturing executives and the latest developments in wireless data.

Editor's Choice

Manufacturing Road Trip: A Journey Across the US: Join us as we celebrate manufacturing in each of the 50 states, starting in Alabama.

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