China is Second Largest Market for Swiss Machinery Exports

July 22, 2010
While Germany is in first place, China overtook France and the U.S.

Swiss machinery exports increased by 4.5% in the first six months of 2010 -- mainly due to the strong Asian markets. While exports to the biggest importer Germany went up by 2.5%, the exports to China (+18.2%) and Hong Kong (+34.2%) exploded, making the region the second biggest importer of Swiss machinery world wide, according to recent figures of the Swiss Federal Customs Administration.

"With machinery imports in the value of 1.44 billion Swiss francs, China overtook France and the United States and is now key market No 2", states Nicolas Musy, Managing Director of the non-profit organization Swiss Center Shanghai (SCS). "The world financial crisis has changed the Swiss export landscape: While exports to Europe and the United States declined sharply and now need time to pick up, the Chinese market has stepped up to key importance."

With an export volume of 4.2 billion Swiss francs, almost one fourth of all Swiss machinery exports go to Germany. 8% of the Swiss machinery exports go to the second biggest importer China. The recent export figures show how fast exports to China are developing: In June, Swiss overall exports to the EU grew by 15%. Exports to China increased by astonishing 42.3%, exports to Hong Kong even more: +59.7%.

To support the Swiss machinery industry, the Swiss Center has opened commercial and industrial space dedicated to machinery companies for sales & after-sales, demonstration, client training, and application engineering. The SCS Machinery Center is located in Shanghais Xinzhuang Industrial Park.

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