Johnson Controls Opens Plant in Hungary to Supply Mercedes-Benz

April 13, 2012
Seat plant creates more than 200 new jobs

Johnson Controls ( IW 1000/17), a manufacturer of automotive seating, overhead systems, door and instrument panels and interior electronics, recently launched production at a new facility in Kecskemt, Hungary. The just-in-time (JIT) plant supplies complete seat systems for the new Mercedes-Benz B-Class.

"We are proud to support Mercedes Benz's new car manufacturing plant in Kecskmet and also establish our own operations in the region," said Pter Dallos, plant manager of the Johnson Controls Kecskmet facility.

This plant currently employs 130 people. An additional 70 jobs will be created in the fall, when a second shift is added.

"Before joining Johnson Controls, all production team members were unemployed," said Dallos. "The profound education they received from the Labour Center of Kecskemt and the Trr Istvn Training and Research Institute provided all required skills. This puts us in a position to serve our customer's uncompromising quality standards from the beginning."

Johnson Controls recently launched production of the seating system for the first and second seat row for the B-Class at the Kecskemt plant. A large number of different types of seats are manufactured in the plant. The different types include a standard or sport seat, and variations of color, material, and special equipment, such as airbags or seat heat.

Johnson Controls Automotive Experience has been in Hungary since 2007. In addition to Kecskemt, the company operates plants in Mez½`lak and Mr that produce metal seating components. In 2010, Johnson Controls acquired the Seton Hungary plant based in Ppa, which produces leather-wrapped car interior components. The new plant increases the company's number of employees in Hungary to 2500.

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