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Biden Administration Fuel Efficiency Rules Make Selling Gas and Diesel Cars and Trucks Difficult

April 12, 2023
EPA projects new rules to raise electric vehicles (EVs) to 67% of new car sales by 2032, from low single digit market share today.

Mandates to massively increase the efficiency of gasoline and diesel engines could effectively force automakers and commercial truck companies to go all-electric sooner than expected.

The Biden administration on Wednesday unveiled increasingly strict efficiency requirements for cars and trucks, envisioning a fleet 56% more fuel efficient than the current one by 2032. Medium-duty trucks (delivery vehicles, dump trucks and other work vehicles smaller than Class 8 trucks) would have to get 44% more efficient.

American Trucking Association President and CEO Chris Spear said the group is studying the rules and will lobby for achievable standards for the industry that “take into account the complex challenges and operating conditions facing motor carriers as we manage the transition to a zero-emission future while simultaneously moving more than 72% of the economy’s freight.”

For complete coverage of the regulatory change and its impact on consumer and commercial trucks, read this article from our colleague, FleetOwner Executive Editor Josh Fisher.

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