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Manufacturing Mulls Mexico Election and Why Frontline Leaders Are an Afterthought: IndustryWeek's Weekly Reads

June 14, 2024
Also, UAW reaches tentative agreement in Lordstown.

Elections have nabbed attention in the most recent IndustryWeek Weekly Reads. In Mexico, the populace elected a new president and now we wonder: What will that mean for U.S. manufacturing? Also, our IW manufacturing company noted that the UAW has reached a tentative agreement for Ultium Cells in Lordstown. Still to come is whether the workforce will elect to approve that agreement. We're keeping our eyes peeled. 

The complete Top 10 most widely read content from the past seven days is as follows:

Mexico Has a New President: What Does Sheinbaum’s Election Mean for US Manufacturing? Outgoing President Andrés Manuel López Obrador’s term was marked by rapid growth and enhanced trade in North America. Can the economic expansion continue?

Frontline Leaders Are Critical to Change Initiatives. So Why Are They Often an Afterthought? A continuous improvement director looks at the reasons behind middle and lower-level managers’ resistance to change, and shares insights on how to turn that around.

Toyota Material Handling Breaks Ground on Electric Forklift Factory: The new manufacturing facility will expand the company's headquarters in Columbus, Indiana.

Additive Technology Is Outpacing Manufacturers' Efforts to Grasp It: Collaboration and hands-on experiences can help crack 3D printing's substantial learning curve.

Manufacturing Execution Systems Create Quality Employees: Confident operators are just as important as optimized workflows and performance analysis for line efficiency and quality products.

UAW Members Reach Tentative Agreement at Ultium Cells in Lordstown: “Eighteen months ago, this company was on a low road path to poverty wages, unsafe conditions and a dark future for battery workers in America,” said UAW President Shawn Fain.

Riskier Supply Chains Call for Better Data, Savvier Strategy: Jabil's 2024 supply chain survey finds that as manufacturers journey from recovery to resilience, they must consider how to thoughtfully integrate technologies like AI and automation.

Caterpillar, ABB, L3Harris: How Industry Leaders Are Scaling Sustainability: Manufacturers unsure where to start can look to these models in four key areas.

DuPont Preps Split Into Three Companies: The conglomerate is going further down the slimming-down path it has been traveling since its Dow merger.

IndustryWeek’s Big List of Manufacturing Scholarships: Looking for financial help with trade school or college? Check out our compendium of STEM scholarship opportunities.

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