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Tupperware Troubles, Tax Credit Tally and a Quality KPI: IndustryWeek's Weekly Reads

April 21, 2023
Also, how is Ukraine faring one year later?

Welcome to IndustryWeek's Weekly Reads, where every seven days we review the top content on IndustryWeek.com as selected by you, our IW manufacturing community. Tupperware is top of mind with you, the data show, while quality, EV tax credits and how Ukraine is faring round out the top of our list. 

Without further ado, sit back and catch up with IW's Weekly Reads. 

Can Tupperware Survive? Florida-based manufacturer warns that it may not be able to survive current market conditions.

A Quality Look at QEE: Vita-Mix employs a novel quality metric to measure finished goods and product quality.

EV Winners and Losers, Tax Credits Edition: The latest Treasury Department rules are out. Which electrified vehicles qualified for the $7,500 incentive under the Inflation Reduction Act, and which fell short?

After One Year of War, How Is Ukraine Managing? Signs of economic resilience include a functioning banking system and a thriving IT sector.

So That Happened: Investing in Vinyl, Sleep Is Apparently Optional for CEOs: IndustryWeek editors take a look at those stories and why Kia is looking for guns in Georgia, an update on greenhouse gas emissions and prepping workers for semiconductor manufacturing in New York.

Cadillac’s Difficult Road Ahead: Several factors, including a weak performance on the West Coast, do not bode well for the brand's all-electric-by-2030 vision.

Getting Serious about Serialization: Knowing when and how to use additive for on-demand production can cut waste, lower turnaround time and increase supply chain resilience.

Biden Administration Fuel Efficiency Rules Make Make Selling Gas and Diesel Cars and Trucks Difficult: EPA projects new rules to raise electric vehicles (EVs) to 67% of new car sales by 2032, from low single digit market share today.

The Century Club: 10 Manufacturing Companies That Have Reached the 100 Year Mark: It isn't easy but it can be done. Meet 10 manufacturers that began in 1923 or earlier--and are still going today.

US Weighs Rules for ChatGPT-Like AI: The lack of rules has given Silicon Valley freedom to put out new products and stoked fears that AI technologies will wreak havoc on society before the government can catch up.

Editor's Choice

US Manufacturing History Quiz: How Much Do You Know About the Milestones? Our 10-question quiz covers a few centuries of U.S. production.

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