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Corporate Responsibility

Sustainability, and Other Tall Tales

July 20, 2023
Investors, customers and regulators have clued in to greenwashing and are stepping up enforcement.
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Profiles in Leadership

PPG CEO: Keeping up with Aerospace Demand, Innovating Around Energy Use

July 5, 2023
Tim Knavish, with 36 years at the global paint and coatings company, is very familiar with its footprint. 'I try to get out on the frontlines where we make stuff as much as possible...
Chief Sustainability Officer
Strategic Planning & Execution

The Role of a Chief Sustainability Officer Is Bigger than ESG Reporting

April 27, 2023
To gain true relevance, the CSO must be involved in the organization at a high level.
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Strategic Planning & Execution

5 Best Practices for Monetizing ESG and Sustainability

March 30, 2023
How investments in greener products, recyclability, circularity and socially responsible development efforts can be translated into financial value.
Sustainable Goals
Corporate Responsibility

The Sustainability Ship Has Sailed. Latecomers, Grab a Raft and Hope for the Best

March 17, 2023
Companies have no choice. They have to comply, and they have to respond to consumer needs.


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Ebooks & Digital Editions

eBook: Generation Now Leadership

Aug. 28, 2023
Manufacturing's young talent steps forward in this talent management guide from IndustryWeek.
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Corporate Responsibility

Juul Agrees to Pay $438 Million in US Over Marketing Vapes to Youth

Sept. 7, 2022
More than two million American middle and high schoolers reported they were vapers in 2021, with eight in ten using flavored e-cigarettes, according to a September 2021 government...
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Corporate Responsibility

The Hardest Letter in ESG Is Fast Becoming 'S'

Aug. 2, 2022
The pressure to manage social change is catching up with the pressure around environmental sustainability.
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Corporate Responsibility

As the Planet Heats Up, It’s Now or Never for Manufacturers to Act

July 22, 2022
PPG’s Sustainability Leader: ‘It’s a pivotal moment.’
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The authors and members of the No Club: Carnegie Mellon professors Linda Bacock, Brenda Peyser and Laurie R. Weingart and University of Pittsburgh Professor Lise Vesterlund.
Corporate Culture

Why Do Women Get Asked to Do Non-Promotable Work?

May 4, 2022
Even female managers ask women more than men to volunteer for the thankless tasks.