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Corporate Culture

5 Leadership Attitudes That Can Kill a Company

July 12, 2024
All leaders make mistakes and need an ego check now and then. But these consistently bad practices can send you on the fast track to oblivion.


IndustryWeek 50 Best

2024 IW 50 Best manufacturers

July 15, 2024
Download this year's IW 50 results.
The Economy

Reshoring Manufacturing: Pharma, Trucking, Plastics Insights (Production Pulse)

July 11, 2024
Manufacturers have brought more than 1 million jobs back to the United States throughout the past four years.
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Emerging Technologies

Manufacturers See Early AI Gains in 3 Areas

July 10, 2024
Automotive and gigafactory use cases center on safety, quality and efficiency.
Vertex Pharmaceuticals
IndustryWeek 50 Best

IW U.S. 50 Best Manufacturers: Vertex Pharmaceuticals Takes Top Spot

July 10, 2024
A more diverse set of companies landed in IndustryWeek’s annual ranking of companies that manage their operations most efficiently with no one sector dominating results.
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Patent Delays Are Up, But There Are Ways to Ease the Slog

July 9, 2024
While the process has become more complicated and the backlog bigger, free programs are available to help.
Crown Equipment

So That Happened: Another Industrial Cyberattack

July 3, 2024
IndustryWeek editors look into that story, how to express your love of manufacturing through art and how you could win a truck for industrial trivia knowledge.
Robert Schoenberger
Technology and IIoT

Driving EVs Long Distances: Difficult yet Doable

July 2, 2024
It’s getting easier to drive across the country with electric cars, but it’s not easy or cheap.


US Jobs Market Sees Gradual Cooldown in June

July 10, 2024
Manufacturing employment was roughly flat overall: The sector lost 8,000 jobs last month.

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Turning Peak Season Pain into Gain: 5 Strategies for Supplier Negotiations

June 24, 2024
Procurement teams that put the effort into better supplier relationships can reap the benefits all year long.

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Production Pulse: IW Operations Leadership Summit Updates

May 2, 2024
As the IndustryWeek Operations Leadership Summit draws closer, we hear from two of the speakers and get an overview of the inaugural event.

Production Pulse: EPA Regulatory Actions Hit Overdrive in April

April 25, 2024
Two rulings on PFAS forever chemicals and Clean Air Act Enforcement on vinyl production are signs that regulators are getting rules finalized in case of an administration change...

Production Pulse: The Loss of Baltimore's Key Bridge

April 4, 2024
Manufacturing, supply chain, construction equipment, safety and road and bridge experts discuss the tragedy in Maryland.