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Local Leadership Guides Worldwide Plant Sustainability at ABB

April 18, 2024
Centrally-guided sustainability initiatives generate less excitement, deliver results more slowly than employee-led efforts.


Ebooks & Digital Editions

Editorial eBook: Baltimore Bridge Collapse

April 15, 2024
Experts from EBM share insights into the tragedy in Baltimore.
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Continuous Improvement

Fix Your Just-in-Time Engine

April 17, 2024
Our JIT efforts failed because we didn’t know how our MRP system really worked to provide production and inventories based on the batch world.
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Public Policy

Clean Manufacturing Could Strengthen DoD's Industrial Strategy

April 16, 2024
A smarter sustainability policy would emphasize resilient supply chains, modular architecture and limiting dependence on foreign adversaries.
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Labor / Employment Policy

Explainer: How Do Workplaces Join Unions?

April 16, 2024
What to know to understand the UAW's campaign, an uptick in union activity and a recent change in the union-election process.
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Continuous Improvement

5 Steps for Sustaining a Lean Culture

April 15, 2024
Operational efficiency is a lifestyle, not a journey with a destination or finish line.
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Recruiting / Retention

Five Ways AI Is Changing the HR Game

April 12, 2024
The biggest payoff may be in professional development for current employees.
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Technology and IIoT

Rockwell Automation Gives AI Its Due

April 12, 2024
AI takes center stage in Rockwell’s ninth annual State of Smart Manufacturing Report.

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Talent Advisory Board — Managing Your 24 Hours Well

March 5, 2024
For February, the shortest month of the year, IW's panel of manufacturing talent experts give advice on time management.

Supply Chain

Watching the Wheels (and Other Parts) Put into Motion: What’s Behind the Rise in Real-Time Location Systems

April 5, 2024
Auto manufacturers are among the many supply chain leaders who want to diligently track and trace parts, finished goods and even packaging as fulfillment – and financial – burdens...

Featured Media

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Production Pulse: 2024 Election's Impact on Manufacturing

March 21, 2024
Manufacturing experts in the machine tool, food and pharmaceutical industries discuss how Washington is addressing the manufacturing world and what's at stake in the Biden-Trump...
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Five Years, Five Sectors: US Cities with Notable Manufacturing Job Gains Since 2019

March 15, 2024
From the COVID-19 pandemic to the CHIPS Act, there have been several drivers of manufacturing job growth in recent years.

Production Pulse: Women in Engineering and Manufacturing

March 7, 2024
Engineers from Subaru and Endress+Hauser discussed how to bring more girls into STEM and offer career opportunities for women in manufacturing.