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Did the US Really Import More Goods from Mexico than China?

Feb. 20, 2024
Doubtful. An in-depth analysis sets off warning bells.



IW Black History Quiz

Feb. 20, 2024
Who was the "father of the videogame cartridge"? The first Black carmarker? Manufacturing and Black History intersect.
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Corporate Culture

A Manufacturer's Guide to Open-Book Management

Feb. 19, 2024
It's been a winning strategy for our company for both employee engagement and business results.
Eaton Corp.
Profiles in Leadership

Texas-Sized Plans for Eaton's Electrical Strategy

Feb. 16, 2024
Mike Yelton, head of the electrical sector for the Americas region, shares his take on manufacturing expansion, vertical integration and more.
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Take Our Black History Month Quiz and Be Smarter Than You Were in January

Feb. 15, 2024
Who was the "father of the videogame cartridge"? The first Black carmarker? Manufacturing and Black History intersect.

So That Happened: Hog Wild on Electrics and Burning Down the Robot Cars

Feb. 14, 2024
IndustryWeek editors look into those stories, the latest cybersecurity incidents, auto production capacity and offer updates on our upcoming Operations Leadership Summit.
Metallic Ladder

'Made in USA' Works Well for Us

Feb. 14, 2024
More manufacturers could benefit, if they put the effort into calculating the deeper competitive advantages and savings.
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Emerging Technologies

What We Can Learn From AI Use Cases in Manufacturing

Feb. 13, 2024
A look at company trends through the lens of earnings and investor reports.

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Education / Training

Talent Advisory Board: Bringing Up New Leaders

Jan. 31, 2024
IW’s team of manufacturing leaders reflects on how to cultivate a new generation.

Planning & Forecasting

Supply Chains Are Headed Back Into Choppy Waters

Feb. 9, 2024
The end of 2023 brought a glimmer of hope, but caution prevails.

Featured Media

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The Economy

Countries Making the Biggest Moves Away, Toward Corruption Since 2019

Feb. 15, 2024
New data provides insight into which countries have gained and lost the most CPI points over the last five years.
Supply Chain

Production Pulse: Supply Chain Outlook 2024

Jan. 25, 2024
2023 should have been a recovery year for the supply chain, following the major disruptions of 2022, but problems remained with parts shortages and shipping problems. Will 2024...
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Top 10 Cities for STEM Professionals

Jan. 22, 2024
A new WalletHub report compares the 100 most populated metro areas in the U.S.